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On my spiritual path I have felt myself supportedheld and loved. I extend that love and support to you through the energy of these seminars.

When you make the commitment to align with your Higher Self, unlimited resources come to your aid. 
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  • And many more free gifts from our speakers, just for registering. You'll find links to these later on the replay page. 
Announcing your exclusive opportunity to be in the continual company of legends and to support the mission of the Divine Life Institute to inspire, support and serve evolution and spiritual awakening ...

…and peek over the shoulders of spiritual masters as they reveal their secrets to connecting with Source, so you can start to create a life of purpose, prosperity, 
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So many people these days try to look for their spiritual inspiration alone. They read books, watch videos, listen to recordings, but none of these really speak to them.

The Divine Life Gold Pass was created to help you deepen your spiritual journey while supporting others on their spiritual paths as well.  

     A private consultation Divine Life Discovery Session with intuitive Usha Rani Sharma
➲ Access to 21 of the world’s most important heart-centered experts
➲ An exclusive webinar from the Transformational Teacher featured in “The Secret”
➲ Access to tons of inspiration from a brilliant visionary Tambra Harck

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• How many books have you read, only to discover that the author really isn’t speaking to you?

• How much time have you spent searching for answers, only to be disappointed and discouraged?

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​ UNLIMITED ACCESS to all 21 Divine Life interviews with top leading lights, heart-centered experts in downloadable Mp3 format. Go deeper each time you listen and raise your energy vibration. $497 value

 BOB DOYLE – The Transformational Teacher from the movie “The Secret” shares his “Follow Your Passion” webinar. Includes a full webinar and several hours of audio resources designed to move you into definitive action! $147 value

 TAMBRA HARCK – World-renowned visionary TAMBRA HARCK shares her Soul-Level Success System. This collection of PDFs, MP3s and videos that will inspire you and inform you on a deep and nourishing life-changing level! $297 value

 ADRIENNE TRAPANI – Limited quantities! This Web Fairy Godmother is giving away five "Magical Marketing" private sessions to talk about your online business or dream project. First come, first served. ONLY FIVE of these sessions are available. Contact us today to see if any are still available. $400 value.

 USHA RANI SHARMA - Limited time only! You will be invited to a 45 minute Divine Life Strategy Session with me. $347 value. 

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It's your divine right to flourish.
21 Divine Life Interviews – 

These 21 interviews are with many of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world!

You will learn many things to improve your life:

 Abundance
 Confidence
 Clarity
 Energy
 Freedom
 Inspiration
 Love
 Peace
 Purpose
 Serenity
 Strength
 Success
 Vitality
 Wisdom

​The list of interviews are a Who’s Who of wisdom and love:

 Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It David Gerson and Gail Straub, Award-winning authors and founders of the Empowerment Institute

 Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within Janet Conner, Top-selling author and guide to inner wisdom

 Spontaneity and Synchronicity: Real Magic in Your Life - With Tambra Harck, Visionary, Co-Founder of the International Healer’s Guild

 Unconditional Love: The Heart of Your Authentic Power Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author and love luminary

 Never Settle Again in Love: How to Awaken the Power of True Love in Your Life Dr. Lara and Johnny Fernandez, Soulmates on a Mission

 Purpose Into Action: A 4-Step Process to Gracefully Emerge In Your Power Stephanie Beeby M.S. Intuitive and “Soul-Whisperer” 

 Are You Giving up on the Law of Attraction? - Bob Doyle, Transformational teacher from the hit film “The Secret.” Gold Pass members receive Bob’s “Follow Your Passion” Webinar

 Your Personal Cosmic Connection to Source Eva Gregory, America’s Divine Guidance Coach 

 Money for 2012: Designing a Business that is Profitable and Peaceful -Jeanna Gabellini, Master Coach and Transformational Author

 The BioEnergetics of Authenticity -With Dr. Sue Morter, Global Thought Leader and “Shaman in a Business Suit.”

 A Tale of How One Woman, Inspired by Her Young Daughter, Remembered and Reconnected with Her Limitless Nature Adrienne Trapani, Founder of Evolution Consulting and "The Web Fairy Godmother" 
(Act today for an opportunity to consult personally with Adrienne.)

 Befriend Your Overwhelm Whitney McMillan, Intuitive Healer and Author

 EMERGENCE: End the Struggle of Self-Improvement and Achieve Your Full Potential Derek Rydall

 Awaken the Champion in You Tamara Gerlach, Bestselling Author of Cultivating Radiance

 Learn to Live Authentically and Love Your Life! - Kate Muker, Founder of Conscious Divas. 

 The Powerpause: Three Minutes to Personal Success and Real Happiness John Harricharan, Award-winning Author and Spiritual Teacher

 Wake up & deeply connect with life ~ to experience the fullest expression of who you really are & why you are here! - Sharon Crawford, Founder of Spiritual Messengers World Wide

 The Abundance Blueprint: Materialize Your Wildest Dreams Dr. Sukhi Muker, Director of The Center for Optimal Living

 The Divine Life: Plug Into Your Authentic Power- Usha Rani Sharma, Empowerment Expert & Founder of Divine Life Institute (For a limited time only Gold Pass Members receive a one on one session with Usha.)

This is the only place to find this inspiring spiritual guidance…

Gold Pass Holders receive all of these interviews plus:

 Bob Doyle’s complete webinar, “Follow Your Passion”. This Transformational Teacher will show you how to manifest The Law of Attraction in your life, every day.

 Tambra Harck’s Soul-Level Success System. This collection of inspirational MP3s, PDFs and videos that will move your soul to profound development.

 Adrienne Trapani will give you a one on one consultation of creating and developing your online business. There are only FIVE of these appointments available so hurry.

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