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  • Everything about life becomes easier and more enjoyable when you are living a life of passion. But many of us are disconnected from that sense of purpose that moves us through a life we truly love. Bob Doyle (Transformational Teacher from the movie "The Secret") shares the "Follow Your Passion" webinar, where you'll learn specific methods for identifying and reconnecting with your sense of passion, as well as techniques for eliminating negative beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck. Includes a full webinar and several hours of audio resources designed to move you into definitive action! $147 value.
  • Visionary Tambra Harck shares her Soul-Level Success System. Soul-Level Success comes from living moment to moment, day after day, in a way that honors your Highest Self, and your everyday self. Live and love life consciously and joyously. Enjoy this interactive system that guides you to accessing your unique experiences of success. Receive a collection of pdfs, Mp3s and videos that inspire you and inform you on a deep and nourishing life-changing level! $297 value
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Divine Life Interview #1:  March 27, 12noon PST
Key strategies for plugging into authentic power and manifesting the life of your dreams. 

Four questions to build awareness, create vision, transform obstacles and take inspired action. 

•Tools for embodying your true nature, the essence of Divinity. 
Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It. 

With David Gershon and Gail Straub, Award-winning authors and founders of the Empowerment Institute

David Gershon and Gail Straub are pioneers and leading global authorities in the field of empowerment. Together they are the bestselling authors of the classic Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life As You Want It. At the height of the cold war, they partnered with the United Nations and ABC Television in one of the planet’s first global consciousness raising initiatives – the First Earth Run – using the mythic power of relaying a torch of peace around the world to engage the participation of twenty-five million people in 62 countries, and the world’s political leadership in an act of global unity. Millions of dollars were raised for the neediest children of the world.

Gershon is the author of eleven books, including the winner of the National Best Book Award Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World. He empowers social entrepreneurs and change agents from around the world to design and implement cutting edge social innovations. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins University and served as an advisor to the Clinton White House and the United Nations on behavior change and sustainability. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on behavior change, community empowerment and large-system transformation. His clients include cities, government agencies, large organizations and social entrepreneurs.

Gail is the author of four books including the award-winning memoir Returning to My Mother’s House: Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine. She co-founded IMAGINE: A Global Initiative for the Empowerment of Women to help women heal from violence, build strong lives and contribute to their community. IMAGINE initiatives are under way in Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, India, Brazil and Jordan. Gail has consulted to many organizations furthering women’s empowerment including the Chinese Women’s Federation, Women for Women International, the Women’s Leadership Center at Omega, and World Pulse. 
Divine Life Interview #2:  March 28, 5pm PST
  • Everyone has innate spiritual intelligence. Everyone has direct and immediate access to the voice of wisdom within, no faith or dogma required. 

  • Deep soul writing is not journaling. Brain science and accessing the deep mystical state of the theta brain wave. 

  • Seven simple steps to get into the theta state.

Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within

With Janet Conner, Top-selling author 
and guide to inner wisdom

Janet Conner is a writer with a deceptively simple message: Everyone has direct and immediate access to the Voice of Spirit within; you just need to know how to activate it. 

Janet is the author of Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within, now in its third printing. Writing Down Your Soul enjoys a 5 star rating on Amazon and is the top-selling book in the journal writing category. The companion journal, My Soul Pages came out this summer. Her next book, The Lotus and The Lily, on how to create a life based on the original teachings of Buddha and Jesus, will be in bookstores this fall. Janet lives in Florida where she is exploring the ultimate question: What does your soul want?
Divine Life Interview #3:  March 29, 12noon PST
  • Tap into energy that governs all of life with these 3 Divine Laws. 

  • Look through the lens of possibility

  • Tune your body-soul-wisdom for clear guidance.

  • Experience a guided healing process. 
Spontaneity and Synchronicity: 
Real Magic in Your Life

With Tambra Harck, Visionary, Co-Founder of the International Healer’s Guild

Tambra Harck is a transformational mentor, speaker and author, who guides visionary leaders and entrepreneurs to create new definitions and experiences of soul-level success, bringing an abundance of joy, meaning and love to their lives and the world.

Tambra is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Emergent Women, and Co-Founder of the new International Healers Guild. In the past 25 years, Tambra has guided tens of thousands of clients and audiences to empower themselves through accessing their innate wisdom, creative expression and soul desire. Her warm and insightful nature makes her a powerful speaker, often creating unexpected ahas and expanded possibility. How do you know yourself to be ALIVE? Join us with Tambra as she inspires and guides us through to discover your Radiant Identity.
Divine Life Interview #4:  April 3, 12noon PST
Unconditional Love: The Heart of Your Authentic Power

With Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling 
author and love luminary

Marci Shimoff is the #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason, Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and a featured teacher in The Secret. She shares a breakthrough approach to experiencing unconditional love—what she calls “love for no reason.” Supported by the latest scientific research, along with ancient time-tested wisdom from cultures across the globe, Marci offers a revolutionary 7 step program to create a state of unconditional love from the inside out.
  • How you can open your heart and dissolve any pain, heartache and emptiness. 

  •  How to become a magnet for love in all areas of your life

  • How to turn off your body’s stress response and turn on your body’s love response. 

  • How you can best help your family, community, and the world. 

Divine Life Interview #5:  April 4, 5pm PST
Never Settle Again in Love: How to Awaken the Power of True Love in Your Life. 

With Dr. Lara and Johnny Fernandez, 
Soulmates on a Mission

Dr. Lara Fernandez and Johnny Fernandez, J.D. are soulmates on a mission. Blending Lara’s warmth and magical manifesting mojo with Johnny’s 20 years of experience in education, course creation, and training their fun and effective LoveLaunch courses and programs now help others worldwide to create a life that they truly love with the love of their life by their side. 

Single, successful, spiritual women travel from across North America to the San Francisco Bay Area of California to learn from Johnny and Lara personally, while others access their powerful teachings worldwide through their telecourses, group mentoring programs, and home learning courses.

  • Yes, you can be devoted to your business or career and also have healthy and empowering love. 

  • How to create a new, uplifting and solid foundation for becoming a soulmate manifester and attracting your best life. 

  • How to break down the 4 internal walls that are keeping your soulmate from you.

Divine Life Interview #6:  April 5, 12noon PST
Purpose Into Action: A 4-Step Process to Gracefully Emerge In Your Power

With Stephanie Beeby M.S. Intuitive 
and “Soul-Whisperer”
Known for her savvy business skills and intuitive nature, Stephanie has a knack for combining her strategic mindset with getting to the heart of every situation to assist in turning your inner whisper into action. She assists people in fostering the depth of this inner journey, opening up to joyously receiving, so they are able to express themselves fully in their business and their life. Holding 11 life purposes in the School of Love, she cultivates this love space in relationship to foster even more expansion, fun and realized manifestations.
  • How to fully embrace your vision and cultivate your inner wisdom on bringing your vision into action. 

  • Identify tangible ways to manage the ‘bigness’ of your vision. 

  • Systems for continuing to connect and cultivate your Inner Navigation System. 
Divine Life Interview #7:  April 10, 12noon PST
Are You Giving up on the Law of Attraction? 

With Bob Doyle, Transformational teacher 
from the hit film “The Secret.” 

Bob Doyle is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, an online curriculum in the Law of Attraction that helps people to reconnect with their sense of purpose and passion, create an inspiring vision, and then utilize Law of Attraction principles to make the vision a reality. Based in science, Bob communicates these principles in a way that even the most skeptical people can begin to see how the LOA is at work in their lives, and how they can utilize this understanding to create profound transformation in virtually any area they desire, be it finances, career, health, or relationships.

In 2005, his program was discovered by the producers of the hit film "The Secret" and he was chosen as one of the teachers in the film, which spread his message to millions of people all over the world.

  • Despite the results people have, the Law of Attraction is real. 

  • A practical look at the Law of Attraction

  • Our ‘reality creation’ mechanism (the three gifts). 

  • The importance of releasing
Divine Life Interview #8:  April 11, 5pm PST
Your Personal Cosmic 
Connection to Source.  
With Eva Gregory, America’s 
Divine Guidance Coach

Eva Gregory is a master coach, speaker, conscious channel, and author of several books and programs including The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity, 10 Weeks to Your Personal Cosmic Connection to Source, and Guidance On Demand: Where Spirituality and Practicality Merge. 

In her work, Eva brings through her powerful, loving, non-physical guides known as Theos. Theos is a stream of consciousness whose mission is to integrate our understanding of how we can embody our Higher Selves deliberately - so we can begin to live from that highest point of consciousness now. 
Regularly featured on radio and in the media, Eva is also a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction and has instructed thousands on radio, in teleconferences, seminars and workshops on how to create a life deliberately using the Law of Attraction.

Her newest book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, co-authored with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Jeanna Gabellini can be found in bookstores everywhere.
  • Four major areas that keep folks from tapping into their own Divine Guidance 

  • The 5-Phase Guidance On Demand process

  • The #1 Mindset Mastery Formula

Divine Life Interview #9:  April 12, 12noon PST
Money for 2012: Designing a Business that is Profitable and Peaceful

With Jeanna Gabellini, Master Coach and Transformational Author

Jeanna Gabellini is a master coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. She likes to marry vision, divine guidance and proven strategies, so that you can ditch the mental merry-go-rounds and overwhelm. 

Jeanna is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield. 

  • How to raise your wealth set point

  • How Jeanna tripled her income in a year and doubled her income in one month

  • Why separating your focus of money and success will help you to have more of both. 

  • Making peace your priority will get you massive ideal customers. 

Divine Life Interview #10:  April 17, 12noon PST
The BioEnergetics of Authenticity

With Dr. Sue Morter, Global Thought Leader and “Shaman in a Business Suit.” 

Dr. Sue Morter is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility. She founded Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing and wellness facility, in Indianapolis in 1987. In addition to her private practice, today she holds seminars around the world – most recently in Bali, Indonesia – with the sole intent of awakening individuals to their own magnificence. A dynamic and charismatic speaker, she has been referred to as a “Shaman in a Business Suit” and can be seen and heard in multiple documentary films, internet television and radio interviews, and live conferences worldwide.​

  • How to apply the BioEnergetics of healing to clear unresolved subconscious emotions for sustainable health and deep joy in life.

  • Learn a simple integration process that allows you to feel and sense your true path. 

  • Refine your path with a daily practice based in quantum science, so you can make authentic decisions more easily using your own body’s feedback. 

Divine Life Interview #11:  April 18, 5pm PST
How Mommy Got Her Magic Back: 
A Tale of How One Woman, Inspired by Her Young Daughter, Remembered and Reconnected with Her Limitless Nature

With Adrienne Trapani, Founder of Evolution Consulting and "The Web Fairy Godmother"

Adrienne Trapani, founder of Evolution Consulting, is currently enjoying embodying the archetype of The Web Fairy Godmother to conscious entrepreneurs wishing for a little *magic* as they pursue their deepest dreams and desires. 

She is at her most radiant when she embodies her limitless nature throughout the day, helps her young daughter move out of fear and frustration into faith and understanding, and holds space for her clients as they move into greater clarity about the value of their unique purpose and gifts. Having lived and traveled all around the world, she currently resides in Boise, Idaho. 

  • You are limitless, you simply forgot.

  • Mothers and fathers are presented with the beautiful gift of being able to consciously choose what they do or don't pass along to their children; our children are catalysts for our awakening. 

  • What to do and how to be when you are feeling that intense push-pull to create your dreams and desires, especially if you are a parent bringing change to the world.

Divine Life Interview #12:  April 19, 12noon PST
Befriend Your Overwhelm

With Whitney McMillan, 
Intuitive Healer and Author

Whitney McMillan, BSW, MSW, is a multi-passionate life coach, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, intuitive consultant, and author. 

During her 20 years in social work, Whitney supported people in need, often at the expense of her own personal and professional overwhelm. Directly experiencing the stressful overwhelm of divorce, generational family addiction, cancer, and career dissatisfaction, Whitney merges highly effective coaching techniques with her natural intuitive abilities and her sassy personality, offering workshops, online programs, and one-to-one sessions. 

Living her values of curiosity, presence, gratitude, and humour, Whitney passionately empowers you to get out of your own way by releasing overwhelm boulders, embracing greater clarity, balance and freedom, and listening to and trusting your inner wisdom.​
  • Learn the difference between stress and overwhelm

  • How to tackle your ‘overwhelm beliefs.’

  • Tools for managing time, energy and focus when you experience overwhelm. 

  • Learn a powerful process for rapidly activating more abundance and healing energy.

  • Discover the unattractive side of the Law of Attraction and how to avoid it. 

  • Experience a powerful healing visualization to raise your vibration and be a beneficial presence in your family, your community and the world. 

EMERGENCE: End the Struggle of Self-Improvement and Achieve 
Your Full Potential

With Derek Rydall

Based on his revolutionary work, The Law of Emergence, Derek will teach you the ideas that helped him go from nearly broke to getting his big break as a best-selling author and international coach, where he impacted thousands and made a 7-figure income. He’ll share the principles and practices that helped him build a thriving global business, heal deep emotional wounds, transform himself physically, and do it all with a deeper connection to his Spirit – giving him a security the world can never take away. 

Divine Life Interview #13:  April 24, 12noon PST
  • Learn a powerful process for rapidly activating more abundance and healing energy.

  • Discover the unattractive side of the Law of Attraction and how to avoid it. 

  • Experience a powerful healing visualization to raise your vibration and be a beneficial presence in your family, your community and the world. 

Based on his revolutionary work, The Law of Emergence, Derek will teach you the ideas that helped him go from nearly broke to getting his big break as a best-selling author and international coach, where he impacted thousands and made a 7-figure income. He’ll share the principles and practices that helped him build a thriving global business, heal deep emotional wounds, transform himself physically, and do it all with a deeper connection to his Spirit – giving him a security the world can never take away. 

Divine Life Interview #12:  April 24, 12noon PST
Awaken the Champion in You

With Tamara Gerlach, Bestselling Author of Cultivating Radiance

  • Excellence is not reserved for the elite. We all have traits of champions inside us. 

  • Recognize that what you previously thought was unreachable can now become your reality.

  • How shifts in awareness will get you where you want to be. Confusion becomes clarity, overwhelm becomes inspiration and you radiate success. 

Tamara spent years as a gymnast, and, later, as a National Team Coach for USA Gymnastics, developing the skills required of a champion. Through sports, business, and relationships, she was always striving to do her best, but never felt truly fulfilled.

In the summer of 2006, she was living a nightmare. When she looked in the mirror, nothing was there; she felt as though she had disappeared. She started over and stopped looking for gold medals to hang on her outside and started to develop the gold from within herself.
Since that personal low point, Tam has discovered that true champions are radiant, living a life of peace and freedom, fulfillment, and no regrets. 

She is the bestselling author of Cultivating Radiance, and creator of the “Awaken the Champion” program. She speaks to audiences all over North America, encouraging them to bring out their inner light and live with the excellence of a champion. 

Divine Life Interview #14:  April 25, 5pm PST
Learn to Live Authentically 
and Love Your Life!

With Kate Muker

  • Discover the number one block that Keeps you from Living a Life You Love

  • Tap into a Powerful Navigation of Authenticity that is Within You

  • Learn Fun Tools to Create a Playful Practice and Experience more bliss

Kate Muker is the CEO and founder of Conscious Divas, a company that focuses on community, connection and growth for conscious women both on and offline. 

Ten years ago Kate started on a journey of exploration through books, meditation and workshops to find happiness for herself and discovered a passion for the infinite possibilities for life through inward growth and evolution. After 8 years in the corporate world she decided to follow her heart and utilize her marketing skills to bring women together to connect deeply, discover their authentic path and live passionately.​
Divine Life Interview #15:  April 26, 12noon PST
The Powerpause: Three Minutes to Personal Success and Real Happiness
With John Harricharan, Award-winning 
Author and Spiritual Teacher

  • Build confidence and enhance self-esteem

  • Create conditions to attract money, health and loving relationships. 

  • Look forward to every day with excitement, hope and joy, instead of fear, stress and anxiety. 

  • Create strategic alliances that help your business grow faster at less cost. 
John Harricharan is one of the foremost spiritual teachers of our time, award-winning author of several books including the bestselling When you can walk on water, take the boat. He has shared the stage with such renowned global thought leaders as Deepak Chopra and Elizabeth Kubler Ross. 

John is a unique blend of East and West, outstanding practicality and spirituality that charms as it enlightens. His transformational message stems from his challenging personal growth experiences, having known failure as well as success. He shares the extraordinary tools he used to overcome his challenges. He lives by the dictum that the messenger and the message are one, and meets his audiences filled with energy and enthusiasm, as well as compassion. He started his career with degrees in chemistry and an MBA from Rutgers, advancing up through Fortune 500 companies. After building his own extremely successful multinational business, he now does what he loves best, traveling extensively, speaking at seminars and consulting with corporations and individuals worldwide.  
Divine Life Interview #16:  May 1, 12noon PST
Wake up & deeply connect with life ~ to experience the fullest expression of who you really are & why you are here!
With Sharon Crawford, Founder of Spiritual Messengers World Wide

  • We are spiritual beings having a HUMAN experience, so how connected are you really with your body & the physical world, & why does it matter? We discuss about living a truly multi-dimensional life.

  • Disconnected from your disconnect-ness? Time to express & digest those locked-away feelings, & discover the path to wholeness.

  • Quick, fun & practical steps to feel more juicy, joyful & ALIVE!

  • P.S. There's no longer any reason to be spiritual & broke - how freeing your SELF can also free your bank account.

At a very early age, as a deeply sensitive child, Sharon disconnected from the pain of living in the so-called "real world", at the same time disconnected from her self and from life. In her adult years she sought solace in the spiritual realms, yet still felt an empty gaping hole, regularly questioning her own existence. Then in early 2010, Sharon was guided to someone who was a powerful catalyst in her transformational journey - that of remembering, reconnecting with & revealing the truth of who she is & why she is here.

Now Sharon is passionate about being a guiding light, so that others may also re-connect with all of themselves, with life, with others, with the Divine, & even with money, to experience & embody a full & joyful life.

In addition, as a conscious entrepreneur, multiple telesummit host & Founder of Spiritual Messengers World Wide, Sharon provides various platforms for many others to also shine their light on the world, including training & mentoring others in how to run their own online speaker series, so that they, too, can be powerful catalysts of transformation & evolutionary agents of change.

Divine Life Interview #17:  May 2, 5pm PST
The Divine Life: 
Plug Into Your Authentic Power 

With Usha Rani Sharma, Empowerment Expert & Founder of Divine Life Institute 

  • Four openings to consciousness: the victim, the manifester, the channel and Beingness. How to evolve your authentic power. 

  • Four powerful questions to co-create your life with the Divine and generate prosperity, wellbeing and love. 

  • Living with conscious intention. The field of intention pervades everything, living and non-living. 

  • How to cultivate gratitude as an invitation to Grace.

Usha Rani Sharma is the creator and host of the Divine Life Summit, and the founder of the Divine Life Institute which exists to inspire, support and serve evolution and spiritual awakening around the globe. 

Celebrating her three spiritual heritages of India, England and the United States, she spreads the message of unity in diversity. Usha has helped thousands find meaningful work and prosperity through her guides published by JobShop. 

A ‘yogi in a business suit’ she is a socially conscious entrepreneur who has studied yoga with masters in India and in the United States and has been awarded the ‘Yoga Shiromani’ initiating her to teach yoga and meditation. As a spiritual empowerment expert she guides clients into deeper awareness of their own inner wisdom, to take empowered action and create the life they truly want. Usha helps you get unstuck and start taking inspired action. She teaches online empowerment courses creating community around the world. ​

Divine Life Interview #18:  May 8, 12noon PST
​LIMITED TIME special!
(The price will be going up to $97 on April 10, 2012)
The Abundance Blueprint: 
Materialize Your Wildest Dreams 

With Dr. Sukhi Muker, Director of
The Center for Optimal Living 

  • Master the Art of Operating in Two Distinct Realms: The Seen and The Unseen

  • Tap into the Infinite Supply of Abundance in the Universe

  • Create a Daily Abundance Practice

  • Become an Attraction Magnet for Your Greatest Life

  • Create Extraordinary Health, Wealth & Happiness

Dr. Sukhi Muker is an author, teacher and healer. At the age of 18, he was a high school dropout and immersed in a life of crime, violence and drugs. After hitting “rock bottom” and having a near death experience, the stage was set for a remarkable transformation. Dr. Sukhi made a commitment to dedicate his life to understanding universal laws as they relate to maximizing human health, wellness and peak performance.

Over the past 20 years he’s studied over 1000 texts and immersed himself in understanding over 200 different disciplines ranging from science, quantum physics, philosophy, theology and spirituality. 

As a student of life Dr. Sukhi lives by example practicing what he teaches everyday and is living proof that anyone can create an extraordinary life. He empowers people all over the world, directs an innovative Center for Optimal Living and utilizes his strategies as a coach and ultra-endurance athlete.

Divine Life Interview #18:  May 3, 12noon PST
Divine Life Interview #19:  May 8, 12noon PST