Hello and welcome. Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Please check here before contacting us. If you can’t find your answer here or it doesn’t solve your problem, please contact us at support@DivineLifeSummit.com

What is a telesummit? 
A telesummit is a series of online seminars with different speakers. It can be accessed both over the telephone and online. With your free pass, you can listen to the interview with each speaker as it is played live, or for free up to 48 hours afterwards via the replay page. The Divine Life Summit is a consciously created series designed to connect with you at the heart, mind and soul levels. If you’d like to download the recordings to keep and listen to it at your leisure, to come back and continue to feed your heart, mind and soul, you have the option of upgrading to the Gold Pass. 

I have registered but haven’t received an email with all of the call details. 
Please check your spam box, as sometimes they may go there. If it’s not in your spam box, simply re-register again. If you still don’t receive an email confirming your registration, please email us at the above address. Also ensure that you have added our email address to your contacts and ‘white-listed’ us so that you continue to receive our updates. 

I haven’t received my call-in details and speaker schedule yet. 
Please check the previous step above. Try registering, waiting fifteen minutes and then checking the spam box. You can register at http://www.DivineLifeSummit.com for a free pass. You will receive a confirmation email, along with your link to access replays of all the calls. 

How can I listen to the free replays? 
After each interview, you will receive an email containing a link to the FREE replay page. If you are not receiving these emails, please read the two answers above and hopefully that will solve the problem. 

The password isn’t working on the Download page/ I don’t have a password. 
Passwords are provided to those who have purchased the Gold Pass. If you have upgraded you will have received the password in your confirmation email, as well as your daily emails. 

If you have received your password you’re still unable to access the page, the password in your email is correct and working, so you may want to try just copying and pasting the password into the box on your screen. Usually that does the job if it doesn’t work by typing it in. Alternatively, you might want to try a different web browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer try Firefox or vice versa. You may need to download the most up to date version of your browser. 

I’m not in the Pacific Standard Time zone. How can I tell what time 12 noon PST is where I am? 
Click the following link to convert 12 noon PST and 5 pm PST to your time zone. 

The links in my email aren’t working. 
Sometimes we may make a mistake and send the wrong link. We will rectify that asap. Otherwise it may be how your email provider converts them. In this case, simply copy and paste the link directly into your browser window. 

I can’t access the replay of the interview/ I can’t see the media player. 
The main issue here particularly seems to be with people with a Mac or iPad not being able to see Flash files or not having Java script enabled. You may want to try the following: 
  • Update and enable Flash in browser – http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  • Update and enable Java script – http://www.java.com/on/download/manual.jsp
  • Add our website to your trusted sites. 
  • Please check the Settings Manager: 

In the “Global Storage Settings panel” put a check in the box that says ‘allow 3rd party flash content to store data on your computer.’ Close the browser and then open it again. 

If that doesn’t work, then follow this guide from Adobe: 

I have purchased the Gold Pass but can’t download the Mp3 files. 
It maybe the same issue as above. When you ‘right-click’ or ‘Ctrl-click’ on the ‘recording’ button, it should open up a file window, giving you the option to open (play) the file, or save it to your chosen file on your hard drive. Just click on whichever you want. Each recording is approximately an hour long, so if you look at your file and it is considerably less than that, chances are your computer interrupted the download. If that’s the case, retry the download again. If you still can’t get the download to work, or it doesn’t download the full file, please contact me on the email above. 

Can I use the speaker offer discount code to receive a discount off the Gold Pass or offer of any other speaker product? 
No, sorry. The speaker discount codes are only valid for the speaker’s particular offer and only for the time period specified. Once the 48 hours is over the code becomes invalid and won’t work. Either your order won’t be accepted or you will be charged full price – it is your responsibility to check what you are being charged in the shopping cart. 

I can’t access your registration/replay/download page
We are sorry. On a very rare occasion, if we have too much traffic to the site at one time, the server may go down. However, please be patient and return again in a short while to give our hosting company time to sort out the problem and get it back up and running again. Normally, it doesn’t take long. 

I have purchased the Divine Life Gold Pass and the interview isn’t available to download yet. 
It takes us some time to upload the recording for you. Therefore, please allow up to 5 days after each interview for the recording to be uploaded after the interview. 

I no longer wish to receive email from you. 
No problem – at the very end of each email that we send you there is a link that says ‘Cancel.’ Simply click on that link and check the ‘Unsubscribe’ box on the page that opens. This will automatically remove you from our database. You do not need to contact us to let us know nor do you need to email us with your request. 

I am interested in being a speaker on your Telesummit, or I know someone who might be. 
Thank you very much for your interest. I’m afraid that the speaker schedule for the current event is full. However, feel free to email us at the above address with some information about yourself, so that we may consider you for future events. We are actually sourcing speakers for Spring 2013 so do connect with us. 

Thank you so much for your patience with all of the above. If we still haven’t helped you to resolve your problem, or you simply have a question, please do contact us and we’ll help you as best we can. We also value your feedback, so please also feel free to drop us a line either with suggestions of how we might improve the event or of the impact it has made on your life. 

Usha Rani Sharma
Divine Life Institute

*We at Divine Life Institute are not responsible for any software or files you download to your computer.